Online Pharmacy

We have now made buying your pet’s favorite products convenient.

Online Store & Pharmacy

Welcome to Valley Vetco. We have now made buying your pet’s favorite products convenient!

When you visit our online pharmacy, you will find all the products that we carry at the clinic and more!

Why is this different from PetMeds or other online pharmacies, and what does this mean for you?

  • The convenience of getting the products you already buy from us sent straight to your home. Shipping will be FREE on any purchase set on auto-ship.
  • No more waiting in our busy lobby to purchase flea and tick or heartworm prevention. 
  • The peace of mind of knowing your prevention and flea and tick control has a 100% manufacturer’s guarantee because it’s approved by your veterinarian. 
  • The assurance that your product is purchased straight from the manufacturer and not on the grey market.
  • You will still be able to take advantage of the rebates that only we, as a veterinarian, can offer. These rebates are not available at other online pharmacies. 


Online, we will be offering Heartgard Plus for dogs & cats, Sentinel, Iverhart Max, Iverhart Plus, TriHeart Plus, and Revolution for dogs & cats. Heartworm prevention will be sold in single doses just like here at the clinic! You can put your single doses on auto-ship and receive your pet’s medication on a monthly basis, ensuring that doses are not skipped or given late!
Please remember that when purchasing certain products, like heartworm prevention, a prescription is required prior to purchase.

  • All dogs must have a heartworm test prior to purchasing prevention (not required for cats).
  • If you come in for a heartworm test, at least 1 dose of prevention must be purchased at the time of testing in our clinic. This will ensure that your pet is started on prevention as soon as possible; giving you time to visit our online pharmacy, to place and receive your order by the time your pet’s next dose is due. 
  • As always, a heartworm test is only required EVERY 2 years providing dog has not skipped any doses.


You will be able to purchase Frontline Plus for dogs & cats. These products will only be available online in a 3-pack, 6-pack, or 12-pack. You can still purchase these in single doses at our clinic. Bravecto and Nexgard will also be available for purchase online. Requests will be approved providing we have a current weight on your pet.


We will also be offering quality pet food from Hill’s, Iams, Purina, and Royal Canin! A few of these diets will require prior authorization from the veterinarian. If so, that can be discussed when you come in for your pet’s next visit.

Click the picture to visit our pharmacy.

*Since we are using a third party to run our store, pricing online may be slightly higher than for products purchased in our clinic. Pet must be an established patient before prescriptions can be approved.